Third Series Number 3 (Fall 2001)

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Third Series Number 3
Fall 2001

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Special Issue on Contemporary Shin Buddhist Thoughts

Editorial Preface [ download ]

On Contemporary Shin Buddhist Thought:

  • Joy of Shinran: Rethinking the Traditional Shinshu Views on the Concept of the Stage of Truly Settled by Sokusui MURAKAMI [ download ]
  • The Problem of the True and the False in Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies: True Shin Buddhism and False Shin Buddhism by Takamaro SHIGARAKI [ download ]
  • The Idea of the Last Dharma-Age in Shinran’s Thought (Part 1) by Kyoshin ASANO [ download ]
  • Rennyo’s Theory on Amida Buddha’s Name:A Comparison with Shinran (Part 1) by Koju FUGEN [download ]
  • The Structure of the Kyogyoshinsho by Ryoji OKA [ download ]
  • Exclusion and Salvation in Honen’s Thought:Salvation of Those Who Commit the Five Grave Offenses or Slander the Right Dharma by Jokai ASAI [ download ]
  • An Examination of the Historical Development of the Concept of Two Aspects of Deep Belief (Part 1) by Ryosho YATA [ download ]
  • Pure Land Buddhist View of Duhkha by Ryusei TAKEDA [ download ]

Articles and Translations:

  • Jokei and Honen:Debating Buddhist Liberation in Medieval Japan: Then and Now, James L. FORD [download ]
  • Toward a Typology of Nien-fo: A Study in Methods of Buddha-Invocation in Chinese Pure Land Buddhism by Charles B. JONES [ download ]
  • Pure Land Buddhism in China: A Doctrinal History, Chapter Two: The Earliest Period; Chapter Three: Hui-yuan of Mt.Lu; and Chapter Four:The Translation of Texts-Spurious Scriptures by Shinko
    MOCHIZUKI, Leo M.PRUDEN,Translator [ download ]
  • Shan-tao’s Exposition of the Method of Contemplation on Amida Buddha (Part 3)
    Hisao INAGAKI, Translator [ download ]

Book Reviews: [ download complete book reviews ]

  • Joan Stambaugh,The Formless Self by Peter Suares
  • Reginald A.Ray, Indestructible Truth: The Living Spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism, and Secret of the Vajra World: The Tantric World of Tibet by Taline Goorjian

Notes and News: [ download complete news ]

  • BDK English Tripitaka Series: A Progress Report