Pacific World: Third Series Number 10 (Fall 2008)

Two Special Sections:

Psychological Reflections on Buddhism
Introduction by Mark Unno

New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism
Guest editor Jeff Wilson

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Psychological Reflections on Buddhism

  • Mark Unno: Introductory Notes   download ]
  • Hogen Bays: On Silence   download ]
  • Takanori Sugioka: The Dialectic of the Three Vows as an Expression of Shinran’s Religious Experience   download ]
  • Veena R. Howard: Listening to the Buddha’s Noble Truths: A Method to Alleviate Social Suffering   download ]
  • Naoki Nabeshima: The Emancipation of Evil Beings: The Story of the Salvation of King Ajātaśatru   download ]
  • Marie Yoshida: Ajātaśatru: Family System and Karma   download ]
  • James Kirsch: Affinities between Zen and Analytical Psychology   download ]

New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism

  • Jeff Wilson: New Perspectives on Buddhist Modernism   download ]
  • Wakoh Shannon Hickey: Swedenborg: A Modern Buddha?   download ]
  • David L. McMahan: A Brief History of Interdependence   download ]
  • Richard K. Payne: Traditionalist Representations of Buddhism   download ]
  • Natalie Quli: Multiple Buddhist Modernisms: Jhāna in Convert Theravāda   download ]

Book Review:
Pema Chödrön, No Time to Lose
— reviewed by Daijaku Judith Kinst