New Series Number 6 (Fall 1990)

Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 6
Fall 1990

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  • Genshin’s Essentials of Pure Land Rebirth and the Transmission of Pure Land Buddhism to Japan. Part II. The Third Phase of Transmission: A Quantitative Survey of the RESOURCES utilized by Genshin, by Allan A. Andrews [ download ]
  • The Theme of Subjectivity in Kiyozawa Manshi’s Seishinshugi, by Gilbert L. Johnston [ download ]
  • The Buddhist Churches of America: Challenges for Change in the 21st Century, by Tetsuden Kashima[ download ]
  • Interior Practice in Shin Buddhism, by Taitetsu Unno [ download ]


  • Nature’s Jeweled Net: Kukai’s Ecological Buddhism, by Paul O. Ingram [ download ]
  • Buddhism in Ecological Perspective, by Brian Edward Brown [ download ]
  • Human Rights and the Buddha’s Teachings: A Soteriological Perspective, by Shoyo Taniguchi [download ]


  • The Vimalakirtinirdesa-sutra: The Comedy of Paradox, by Jay G. Williams [ download ]
  • Stress as Suffering, by Gordon L. Fung and Gregory Fung [ download ]
  • The Emergence of American Buddhism, by David Ross Komito [ download ]


  • Download all reviews
  • Dogen’s Manuals ofZen Meditation, by Carl Bielefeld, reviewed by Robert E. Morrell
  • The Emptiness ofEmptiness: An Introduction to Early Indian MlIdhyamika, by C. W. Huntington, Jr., with Geshe Namgyal Wanghen, reviewed by Ronald M. Davidson
  • The Formation o f Ch’an Ideology in China and Korea: The Vajrasamadhi-Sutra, A Buddhist Apocryphon, by Robert E. Bushwell, reviewed by Ronald M. Davidson
  • Meditation as an Intervention in Stress Reactivity, by Amarjit S. Sethi, reviewed by Dwight H. Judy
  • Fundamentals of Buddhist Ethics, by Gunapala Dharmasiri by Thandeka
  • SHINRAN: An Introduction to His Thought, by Yoshifumi Ueda and Dennis Hirota, reviewed by Ruth Tabrah
  • Jodo Shinshu: Shin Buddhism in Medieval Japan by James C. Dobbins, reviewed by Kenneth K. Tanaka
  • The Dawn o f Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine: Ching-ying Hui-yüan’s Commentary on the Visualization Sutra, by Kenneth K. Tanaka, reviewed by Leo M. Purden