Pacific World: Third Series Number 18 (2016)

Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies
Third Series, Number 18/2016

Letters to the Editor
Mark E. Long and Jeffrey Sundberg 1–19 [download]

Attentively Dwelling in “Cliff Meditation”
Charles Willemen 21–24 [download]

Self, No-self, and Māyā: How Medieval Advaita Vedānta Theologized Mahāyāna Buddhism
David Belcheff 25–40 [download]

Arising of Faith in the Human Body: The Significance of Embryological Discourses in Medieval Shingon Buddhist Tradition
Takahiko Kameyama 41–51 [download]

Special Section in Memory of John R. McRae

John R. McRae: An Appreciation
Richard K. Payne 53–55 [download]

Revisiting Questions about Female Disciples in the Lidai fabao ji
(Record of the Dharma-Treasure through the Generations)
Wendi L. Adamek 57–65 [download]

Southwestern Chan: Lineage in Texts and Art of the Dali Kingdom (937–1253)
Megan Bryson 67–96 [download]

The Role of Live Performance in the Gongan Commentary of the Blue Cliff Record: Reflections on John McRae’s Remarks about a Seminal Chan Buddhist Text
Steven Heine 97–120 [download]

The Provenance of the Damo Chanshi lun
(The Treatise of Chan Teacher Bodhidharma)
John Jorgensen 121–144 [download]

A Perennial Dilemma: Chan Disputes about Buddha-Nature
John P. Keenan 145–174 [download]

Pure Land Practices, the Huatou Revolution, and Dahui’s
Discourse on the Moment of Death
Miriam L. Levering 175–202 [download]

Learning Zen History from John McRae
Dale Wright 203–207 [download]

Book Reviews 209–240 [download]

Spells, Images, and Maṇḍalas: Tracing the Evolution of
Esoteric Buddhist Rituals. By Koichi Shinohara.
—Thomas J. Mazanec

Real and Imagined: The Peak of Gold in Heian Japan.
By Heather Blair.
—Mikaël Bauer

Engaging Buddhism: Why It Matters to Philosophy.
By Jay L. Garfield.
—Thomas Calobrisi

A Comparative Study of Adjustments to Social Catastrophes in Christianity and Buddhism: The Black Death in Europe and the Kamakura Takeover in Japan as Causes of Religious Reform
By Kirk R. MacGregor.
—Galen Amstutz