Pacific World: Third Series Number 11 (Fall 2009)

Special Issue Celebrating the Sixtieth Anniversary of
the Institute of Buddhist Studies, 1949–2009

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  • The Lord of All Virtues
    by Hudaya Kandahjaya   download ]
  • Bianhong, Mastermind of Borobudur?
    by Hiram Woodward   download ]
  • Theravāda in History
    by Peter Skilling   download ]
  • Tsongkhapa on Tantric Exegetical Authority and Methodology
    by David B. Gray   download ]
  • Nāgārjuna’s Worldview: Relevance for Today
    by Kristin Largen   download ]
  • Pattern Recognition and Analysis in the Chinese Buddhist Canon: A Study of “Original Enlightenment”
    by Lewis Lancaster   download ]
  • Basing Our Personhood on the Primal Vow
    by Jundo Gregory Gibbs   download ]
  • Shinjin and Social Praxis in Shinran’s Thought
    by Takamaro Shigaraki, Trans. David Matsumoto   download ]
  • The Metaphor of “Ocean” in Shinran
    by Takanori Sugioka, Trans. Mark Unno   download ]
  • World Macrohistory and Shinran’s Literacy
    by Galen Amstutz   download ]
  • The Daoist Facet of Kinpusen and Sugawara no Michizane Worship in the Dōken Shōnin Meidoki: A Translation of the Dōken Shōnin Meidoki
    by Takuya Hino   download ]
  • The Taoist Priest (Daoshi) in Comparative Historical Perspective: A Critical Analysis
    by Russell Kirkland   download ]
  • Pì xiè jí 闢邪集: Collected Refutations of Heterodoxy by Ouyi Zhixu (蕅益智旭, 1599–1655)
    by Charles B. Jones   download ]
  • Initiation and the Chinese Hevajra-tantra (T. 18, 892)
    by Charles Willemen   download ]
  • A Comparison of the Tibetan and Shingon Homas
    by Richard K. Payne   download ]

Book Review:
Readings of the Lotus Sūtra, eds. Stephen Teiser and Jacqueline Stone
— Reviewed by Taigen Dan Leighton