New Series Number 2 (Fall 1986)

Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 2
Fall 1986

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  • On the Emergence of Mahayana Buddhism, by Yoshifumi Ueda, translated by Dennis Hirota [ download]
  • Notes on the Americanization of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism: Urgency, Adaptation, and Existential Relevance in America, 1986 and Beyond, by Tetsuo Unno [ download ]
  • The Sacrifice of Baby Faye, Another Look: A Buddhist Sketch to Decision Making, by Ronald Y. Nakasone [ download ]
  • Nembutsu and Commitment in American Life Today, by Minor L. Rogers [ download ]
  • Sakyamuni Within the Jodo Shinshu Tradition, byJohn Ishihara [ download ]
  • The Modern Relevance of Donran’s Pure Land Buddhist Thought, by Shoji Matsumoto [ download ]
  • Spiritual Potentials for Quality Living, by Alfred Bloom [ download ]
  • Pilgrimage in Early Buddhism: Layman and Monk, and the Hindu Origin, by Hoyu Ishida [ download]
  • Adapting Buddhism to the West: Problems in Communication, by Arnold McKinley [ download ]


  • Earliest Usage of “Ta-ching” (Daikyo) and “Wang-sheng lun” (Ojoron) by a Non-Orthodox Pure Land Buddhist: Its Implication for Chinese Pure Land Buddhism, by Kenneth Tanaka [ download ]


  • Reflections from Higan — Compassionate Vow, by Shinobu Matsuura [ download ]