New Series Number 9 (Fall 1993)

Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 9
Fall 1993

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  • Mahayana Essence as Seen in the Concept of “Return to This World”, by TOKUNAGA Michio [download ]
  • The Problematics of Realization as a Basis for Dialogue in Shinshu and Zen, by Gregory GIBBS [download ]
  • Adapting Jodo-Shinshu Teaching for the West: An Approach Based on the American Work Ethic, by Gordon L. FUNG and Gregory FUNG [ download ]
  • A Life of Gratitude, by Richard T. SCHELLHASE [ download ]
  • Text and Tradition in the Study of Buddhist Ethics, by Charles S. PREBISH [ download ]


  • Buddhism and the Manners of Death in Japan: Extending Aries’ histoire de mentalité de la mort, by Whalen LAI [ download ]
  • Nibbana and Saññvedayitanirodha: An Endless Controversy, by Mathieu BOISVERT [ download ]


  • The Hasshu-Koyo by the Scholar Monk Gyonen (1240-1321), Part Three: Sanron, Tendai, Kegon, Shingon, Zen, and Jodo Traditions, by Leo PRUDEN, translatoru [ download ]


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  • The First Buddhist Women: Translations and Commentary on the Therigatha, by Susan MURCOIT, reviewed by In-Young CHUNG
  • Contentment and Suffering: Culture and Experience in the Toraja, by Douglas W. HOLLAN and Jane C. WELLENCAMP, reviewed by Eric CRYSTAL
  • The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing and Transformation, by Thich Nhat HANH, reviewed by Kevin GUINTHER
  • All the Mothers Are One: Hindu India and the Cultural Reshaping of Psychoanalysis, by Stanley N. KURTZ, reviewed by Donald PLANSKY
  • Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up: A Practical Approach for Modern Life, by B. Alan WALLACE, reviewed by Mark TATZ
  • The Summary of the Great Vehicle by Bodhisattva Asanga, tr. by John P. KEENAN, reviewed by Alfred BLOOM