Pacific World: Third Series Number 9 (Fall 2007)

Special Issue:
Essays Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of the
Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies at the University of Calgary

Guest Editors: Leslie Kawamura and Sarah Haynes

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Leslie Kawamura, Professor
Holder of the Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies
Department of Religious Studies
Faculty of Humanities
University of Calgary

Sarah Haynes, Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Western Illinois University

From May 13 to 17, 2004, a symposium to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Chair of Buddhist Studies in the Department of Religious Studies was held at the University of Calgary. Through the kind assistance of Dr. Akira Yuyama, the first Visiting Numata Scholar to the University of Calgary, an original donation of $300,000 Canadian was received in 1987 from Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK Tokyo, Japan). To this was added a donation of $35,000 Canadian from the Honpa Buddhist Churches of Alberta. Both donations were matched two to one by the Government of Alberta to establish the Numata Chair of Buddhist Studies Endowment of $1,000,000 Canadian at the University of Calgary.

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Table of Contents
  • Leslie Kawamura and Sarah Haynes: “Prolegomenon”   download ]
  • Yakupitiyage Karunadasa: “The Unanswered Questions: Why were They Unanswered? A Re-examination of the Textual Data”   download ]
  • Charles S. Prebish: “The Role of Prātimokṣa Expansion in the Rise of Indian Buddhist Sectarianism”   download ]
  • Tom J.F. Tillemans: “Transitivity, Intransitivity, and tha dad pa Verbs in Traditional Tibetan Grammar”   download ]
  • Shoryu Katsura: “How Did the Buddhists Prove Something? The Nature of Buddhist Logic”   download ]
  • Hillary Rodrigues: “An Instance of Dependent Origination: Are Krishnamurti’s Teachings Buddhadharma?”   download ]
  • Paul Williams: “Christina ‘the Astonishing’ Meets the Tibetans Returning from the Beyond: A Case of Mutual Recognition?”   download ]
  • Michael Hahn: “Striving for Perfection: On the Various Ways of Translating Sanskrit into Tibetan”   download ]
  • Charles Willemen: “The Buddhist Pratimālakṣaṇa: ‘Defining the Image'”   download ]
  • John Clifford Holt: “Mythologies of Bosat Viṣṇu”   download ]
  • John Harding: “Expanding Notions of Buddhism: Influences Beyond Meiji Japan”   download ]
  • Ineke Van Put: “The Names of Buddhist Hells in East Asian Buddhism”   download ]
  • Eva Neumaier: “The Cult of Amitābha and the Apotheosis of the Tibetan Ruler”   download ]
  • K.L. Dhammajoti: “Ākāra and Direct Perception (Pratyakṣa)”   download ]
  • Richard K. Payne: “Aparimitāyus: ‘Tantra’ and ‘Pure Land’ in Medieval Indian Buddhism?”   download ]

The issue also includes two book reviews:
Helen J. Baroni, Iron Eyes: The Life and Teachings of Zen Master Tetsugen Dōkō
— reviewed by Daniel Friedrich
John Jørgensen, Inventing Hui-neng, the Sixth Patriarch: Hagiography and Biography in Early Ch’an
— reviewed by Henrik Sørensen

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