Pacific World: Third Series Number 8 (Fall 2006)

Special Issue:
Honoring James H. Sanford
Guest Editor: Charles D. Orzech

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Guest Editor’s Preface:
Festschrift Honoring James Sanford

Charles D. Orzech
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

In a hidden lair, in these clouded woods
I lay my head beside a moonlit stream.
Pine boughs brush the great, flat stone
sweet springs reach up, gentle, chill.

I sit, motionless, before such beauty,
lost in the misted darkness of empty hills.
I am content in this desolate spot
pine shadow, stretching before a setting sun.


—Attributed to Shide
Translation by James H. Sanford

The choice of the above poem, attributed to the famous Tang eccentric and Chan poet Shide (拾 得) and translated for this volume, seems to me an altogether appropriate opening for a celebration of Jim Sanford’s work on his retirement from teaching. Though his house is in the woods in Orange County, North Carolina, and one might find some semblance in the pines to the “hidden lair” mentioned above, visitors will find Jim and his wife Pat surrounded by a variety of adopted animals, from peacocks and emus to koi, all the result of a life of compassionate action in animal welfare projects.

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Table of Contents

  • Guest Editor’s Preface: Festschrift Honoring James Sanford by Charles D. ORZECH   download ]
  • Tantroid Phenomena in Early Indic Literature: An Essay in Honor of Jim Sanford by Bruce M. SULLIVAN    download ]
  • Skull Imagery and Skull Magic in the Yoginī Tantras by David B. GRAY   download ]
  • The Guru’s Tongue: Metaphor, Imagery, and Vernacular Language in Vaiṣṇava Sahajiyā Traditions by Glen Alexander HAYES   download ]
  • Sacred Space in the Temples of West Bengal: Folk, Bhakti, and Tantric Origins by June MCDANIEL   download ]
  • The Spell of the Great, Golden Peacock Queen: The Origin, Practices, and Lore of an Early Esoteric Buddhist Tradition in China by Henrik H. SØRENSEN   download ]
  • The Theoretical Foundations of Pure Land Buddhist Practice according to Tanluan by Roger CORLESS   download ]
  • Looking for Bhairava: Exploring the Circulation of Esoteric Texts Produced by the Song Institute for Canonical Translation by Charles D. ORZECH  download ]
  • Just Open Your Mouth and Say “A”: A-Syllable Practice for the Time of Death in Early Medieval Japan by Jacqueline I. STONE   download ]
  • The Shingon Subordinating Fire Offering for Amitābha, “Amida Kei Ai Goma” by Richard K. PAYNE   download ]
  • Bhairavī Cakra: Goddess Mandalas/Rituals in Contemporary Tantra’s Nondualism by Helen CROVETTO   download ]
  • The Dao of the West: The Orientalist Critique and Western Interpretations of Daoism by Julia M. HARDY   download ]
  • BDK English Tripiṭaka Series: A Progress Report   download ]