New Series Number 1 (Fall 1985)

Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 1
Fall 1985

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American Shinshū, past and future

  • A Vision of Jōdo Shinshū: Fulfilling the Primal Vow in History, by Alfred Bloom [ download ]
  • Future Challenge for Shinshu Followers in America, by Kenkō Futaba, translated by Shōjō Ōi [download ]
  • My Hope for American Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism, by Takamaro Shigaraki, translated by Nobuo Haneda[ download ]
  • What’s Lacking in “American Buddhism”?, by Nobuo Haneda [ download ]


  • How is Shinjin to be Realized?, by Yoshifumi Ueda, translated by Dennis Hirota [ download ]
  • The Concept of Gratitude in Shin Buddhism, by Taitetsu Unno [ download ]
  • Religions Derive Their Power from Authentic Spiritual Depth, by Tetsuo Unno [ download ]

Book Reviews [ download ]

  • Sutra of Contempflltum on the Buddha of Immetlsurable Life as Expounded by Sakyamuni Buddha, translated and annotated by the Ryukoku University Translation Center, under the direction of Meiji Yamada; Ryukoku University, Kyoto, 1984 Review by Elson Snow
  • Seven Works of Vasubandhu The Buddhist Psychological Doctor, by Stefan Anacker; Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, India, 1984 Review by Elson Snow

Contributors [ download ]