Pacific World: Third Series Number 13 (Fall 2011)

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  • Forest as Challenge, Forest as Healer: Reinterpretations and Hybridity within the Forest Tradition of Thailand
    by Brooke Schedneck   download ]
  • Awakening Faith in the Pure Land Section of the Qixinlun
    by Christopher Callahan   download ]
  • Monastic Lineages and Ritual Participation: A Proposed Revision of Kuroda Toshio’s Kenmitsu Taisei
    by Mikaël Bauer   download ]
  • Selected Materials for the Study of the Life of Buddha Śākyamuni
    by Charles Willemen   download ]

Special Section:
Recent Research on Esoteric Buddhism

  • The Purification of Heruka: Reflections on Identity Formation in Late Indian Buddhism
    by David B. Gray   download ]
  • A Brief Exploration of Late Indian Buddhist Exegeses of the “Mantrayāna” and “Mantranaya”
    by Vesna A. Wallace   download ]
  • On the Subject of Abhiṣeka
    by Charles D. Orzech   download ]
  • The Life of the Tang Court Monk Vajrabodhi as Chronicled by Lü Xiang (呂向): South Indian and Śrī Laṅkān Antecedents to the Arrival of the Buddhist Vajrayāna in Eighth-Century Java and China
    by Jeffrey Sundberg, in collaboration with Rolf Giebel   download ]
  • Ritual Studies in the Longue Durée: Comparing Shingon and Śaiva Siddhānta Homas
    by Richard K. Payne   download ]

Book Reviews:   download ]
Emptiness and Temporality: Buddhism and Medieval Japanese Poetics, by Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen
— Reviewed by Steffen Döll

Yongming Yanshou’s Conception of Chan in the Zongjing lu, by Albert Welter
— Reviewed by Courtney Bruntz

Virtual Orientalism: Asian Religions and American Popular Culture, by Jane Naomi Iwamura
— Reviewed by Kendall Marchman


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