New Series Number 3 (Fall 1987)

Pacific World Journal

New Series Number 3
Fall 1987

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  • Sati (Mindfulness) and the structure of the Mind in Early Buddhism, by Madawala Seelawimala and Arnold McKinley [ download ]
  • Nagarjuna’s Concept of Sunyata, by Diane Ames [ download ]
  • The Easy Method of Entering the Stage of NonĀ·Retrogression, by Hisao Inagaki [ download ]
  • Pure Land Systematics in India: The Buddhabhumisutra and the Trikaya Doctrine, by John P. Keenan[ download ]
  • Where is the Pure Land?: Controversy in Chinese Buddhism on the Nature of Pure Land, by Kenneth K. Tanaka [ download ]
  • The Madman and Fool in Buddhism, by Joan Silver [ download ]
  • Standing Fast: Fudo Myoo in Japanese Literature, by Richard K. Payne [ download ]
  • The Nature of Practice in Jodo Shinshu, by Jerry L. Bolick [ download ]


  • Pure Land Buddhism and Modernization in Japan and the United States, by Robert N. Bellah [ download]
  • Biomedical Ethics From a Buddhist Perspective, by Shoyo Taniguchi [ download ]
  • A Buddhist Approach to the Treatment of Drug Abuse Patients, by Darryl Inaba, tape transcription by Kimi Hisatsune [ download ]
  • Buddhism and Science: A Personal View, by Clarence Hisatsune [ download ]


  • A Buddhist Critique of the Christian Concept of God, by Gunapala Dharmasiri review by Richard Payne [ download ]