Series Four Volume 1

Review: Ethical Principles and Economic Transformation

Ethical Principles and Economic Transformation: A Buddhist Approach. Edited by László Zsolnai. London & New York: Springer, 2011. vii + 213 pages. Includes general bibliography, “about the authors,” and index. $159.99 (hardcover and softcover), $119.00 (eBook). ISBN 97848193103.

Richard K. Payne

Institute of Buddhist Studies

This is a collection of ten essays: an introduction and conclusion by the editor, and then eight essays divided into two sections. The first section, “Buddhist Ethics Applied to Economics,” comprises four essays: “The Relational Economy” by Julie A. Nelson, “Buddhism and Sustainable Consumption” by Peter Daniels, “Economic Sufficiency and Santi Asoke” by Juliana Essen, and “Pathways to a Mindful Economy” by Joel C. Magnuson. The next section is titled “Achieving Happiness and Peace.” While the first section presumes to identify universaliz- able Buddhist ethical principles, so this second section presumes to identify universalizable Buddhist ethical values—happiness and peace. The four essays in this section are “Do Our Economic Choices Make us Happy?” by Colin Ash, “Gross National Happiness” by Sander G. Tideman, “The Application of Buddhist Theory and Practice in Modern Organizations” by Bronwen Rees and Tamas Agocs, and “Leadership the Buddhist Way” by Laurens van den Muyzenberg.

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